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Funeral Services

When a death occurs, it can be a profoundly painful, mind-numbing, and overwhelming experience. It is often very helpful to consult a knowledgeable, sympathetic source to begin to formulate a thoughtful, meaningful celebration of life. That is where we come in.

Once we are notified that death has occurred, we arrange for the acquisition and care of the person who has died. As soon as possible, we consult with the family in a calm, relaxed, compassionate manner to work out the details of the service, secure the necessary authorizations, contact the newspapers, clergy, cemetery or crematory, and help coordinate all the pertinent activities.

In short, we work hard to make the planning and implementation of a funeral as easy as possible for the grieving family, as well as to ensure that the services are designed to respectfully commemorate the life of your loved one. We do this for anyone, regardless of race, ethnicity, or creed, and we do it one family at a time. We invite you to call for a consultation without obligation.

Why have a funeral? 
During the course of our lives, we interact and bond with many people. Sudden loss and separation can leave us feeling hurt and empty inside. The funeral provides us with an opportunity to face and deal with the reality of our loss in a positive and beneficial manner. We can come together in a common appreciation of the unique, special, and irreplaceable person that we loved and will greatly miss. We can find solace and healing in sharing our thoughts and experiences, in remembering together the good and happy times.

We can help you plan a dignified and meaningful service, whether at the time of need or in advance. The funeral can be as simple or as detailed as the family would like it to be. It may be open to the public or made private/semi-private according to your wishes. The family may also consider personalizing the ceremony with pictures and memorabilia.


Burial Services
There are different elements you can choose from when arranging a burial, depending upon your individual needs and preferences:

Traditional Services
These services usually include calling hours the day before the funeral, a period of time for calling hours the morning of the funeral, procession to the church, and then to the cemetery.

Non-Traditional Services
There are numerous options and variations of traditional services that we can review if you wish.

Memorial Services
These are usually a gathering of relatives and friends without the deceased present. It usually takes place after a burial or cremation.

Cremation Services 
Cremation Services can be as simple as an immediate disposition followed by a return of the cremains to the family or a scattering of the ashes at their request. Alternatively, a complete traditional service may be followed by cremation and an approved disposition. There are several variations. The service can include contributions from different members of the family, so that the service is personalized and meaningful to everyone involved. After a cremation or memorial service, a family may also choose to keep permanent possession of the cremated remains.

Options for Final Disposition

The casket or urn is set in a grave, most often lined with an outer burial container or vault.

Direct Disposition
The deceased is taken directly to a cemetery or crematory. A memorial service or remembrance ceremony may take place afterward.

There are, of course, variations based on family wishes, traditions, or circumstances. A non-Traditional Service might include calling hours followed by a Graveside Service the same day or at a later date.